Monday, June 15, 2009

WIP: Warren

Need to finish up this guy in Flash like I did with Mike, but I wanted to get this done before bed. (it's so distorted because my scanner's still dead, this was the best my laptop's webcam could get, and even then I had to play with it and filter it to get it to look good. This is also as LARGE as it gets.)

Warren is Donovan's boss, landlord, and old family friend. (He called him Uncle Warren back when he was a kid.) Warren knew Donovan's father, served with him in the military, and even stood as his best man at the wedding. After his death, Warren took it upon himself to be the male figure in Donovan's upbringing, but left when Donovan was around eleven, moving cross-state. When Donovan moved over there to go to college, Warren gave Donovan a part-time job at the bar he'd established, and fixed up the upstairs of the building to act as an apartment for him to rent. As of now he's in his late forties/early fifties.

Anyhoo, I'll update this post with the inked and colored version when I've got it. Got stuff to handle tomorrow so it could be a couple days.

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