Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Donovan Headshot

Slight tweaks on the design for Donovan. I think I'm finally satisfied with this one, it's a nice intermediate between my original intent, and the more simplified action-cartoon/Cheeks-inspired design, which was bugging me to heck because I didn't have a good mnemonic for the design. This one, I've got a much better structure underneath. Also relatively happy with the eyes, though I still prefer my (unposted) sketch version of the design, where he's got these scowling flat eyebrows. (Hard to do in this shot, tho.)

Purposefully recreating the angle and pose from the previous Donovan pic, plus neck this time, so I can replace it. He feels more solid, more grounded.


Chris Harrison said...

Cool design! It looks perfect for cartoons/animation. I take it this character is the main/lead character?

Warlock said...

Yup, he's the main character. Now I've just gotta finish out his design (turnarounds, full-body views, pose and expression sheets, etc) before the summer is out.