Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Updates galore...

The above are character designs for the thesis project. The top figure is Amy, the (current) girlfriend of Mike. (It was a relatively quick sketch, I was more worried about the body forms than clothing.) The middle figure is Brody, a troll who gets into a fight with a Goblin and a Dwarf, right in front of Donovan. The bottom picture is Brody in his human form (note the amulet around his neck, removed in the middle pic.)

Of special note is the human-Brody pic, which was inked and colored in ToonBoom Animate! I've bought a copy and will most likely be doing the actual thesis project using that software. (I'll add updates on it as I go)

More to come. I've got several more sketches, and I'm going to start getting more of this work put onto the actual Nightmares site.

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