Monday, January 5, 2009

Random Half-Elf

Drawn from a photo of the newly-cast 11th Doctor. I decided his features, as I sketched, warranted an elven ear. (I'm trying to do a digital painting of a half-elf druid-type for WotC consumption. After the end of last semester and an exhausting holiday, getting back into the groove of artwork hasn't been easy.) At any rate, I'm figuring this as a hal-elf because I don't do them often enough, but a muscular, barbarian-esque figure. (Although not a Barbarian as such. I was aiming for druid, but maybe the 4e Warden is a good guidepost.)

I recently picked up a couple of art books, in addition to the ones on my christmas list. One of note is Bold Visions: The Digital Painting Bible, by Gary Tonge. VERY nice book. The techniques and examples all keep things fast and light, but combined with a recursive step-process, they provide VERY nice results. (I'm feeling a lot better about handling scenery if I need to, now.) The painting I'm working on is supposed to serve as an example of my rendering skills at this moment, before I jump into my next semester, which includes a digital-painting class.

Done entirely with a black solid brush, with some white solid touchup, much like a brush-pen.

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