Thursday, January 15, 2009

School Project: Demon Painting

One of my classes this semester is Digital Imaging for Print. Effectively, it's a digital painting class, with an eye towards sales and hardcopy. (The teacher is the same woman who taught my Professional Practices class last year, so there's some bleed-over.) My project is this demon-figure, doing it out-in-full as a painting. The goal is to create the image, then create variations using different color schemes, using references for what's considered historic, what's modern, and what could be the future trend.

Because Fantasy is pretty much limitless in terms of what's 'current', everything carries connotations and flavors, I decided to limit myself down to just a specific frame of reference. The colors used for Demons.

The first is from D&D's 3.5E monster manual, the second two are World of WarCraft wallpapers.

At any rate, I'll be posting up more as I finish it.

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Chris Harrison said...

Wow so you those creatures are your illustration/painting works? Awesome Stuff! I really love the colors. Especially the background colors because the mood you've created is awesome! Keep it up!

Check me out sometime & holla back!